Welcoming You To K9 Management

Living in the world today with dogs is not something that can be taught in

 A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours." --Anonymous

A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.”

a classroom setting, or even learned by reading a book. Sure, there are classes that claim to teach you and your dog to cohabitate in everyday life together. But, the practicality of this is not usually up to par with your expectations. Furthermore, they should not be.  You put your hard earned money on the line expecting results and at the end of six weeks your dog is still barking at the neighbors and will not come when you call him/her.

Sandi’s K9 Management is here to assist you in getting the maximum image10351results out of training your dog.  We not only work with your dog, we make sure you understand both how to READ your dog, and how to APPLY the training to everyday life.  Our services are specialized because dog training can be fun, with the correct approach and training techniques.  We aspire to help you reach a “Higher” bond with your four-legged friend.


A Few Ways To Get Your Dog On The Same Page

It happens to every dog owner at some point – the dog simply isn’t “into” your training. Have you ever become frustrated when you keep asking your dog to perform a behavior they did once before, but haven’t done it since? Sure you have – we all have! Even dog trainers are stumped every now and again with dogs that are not about to let you dominate them.

Luckily for us mortal folk, dog trainers have been perfecting their craft for the last hundred years, and we have the internet to help us with relatively easy quick-fixes. Here’s an article titled, “Are You Making These 10 Training Mistakes?” We think you’re going to get some great value from it.

Read here: http://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/are-you-making-these-10-training-mistakes/29092